About Us

It began with a fall from a cherry tree – now we make it possible to reach work areas at great heights safely comfortably

The vision of the fall protection system of the future

The idea

A great and hard fall off a ladder harvesting cherries made engineer and entrepreneur Wilhelm Maurer question the general safety of climbing ladders.

Eight years of development

With a team of specialists, the entrepreneur analysed existing fall protection systems for accessing high work areas and identified their weak points. Several years of development ultimately resulted in a completely novel climbing method. The HighStep System was born.

The HighStep System

Under the direction of Andreas Maurer, the son of Wilhelm Maurer, a team of specialists chose a continuous rail as the basis for the system. Different mobile climbing equipment was developed for ascent and descent, which are carried along and hooked into the rail at the time of use. Whilst the shape and function of the rail is permanent, new equipment continues to open a new world for climbing and utilise the great potential of the rail.

The vision

HighStep was founded in 2007 with the goal to improve the safety when climbing hard to access locations. We want to help avoid accidents due to falls and improve industrial safety for our customers.