Fall protection for wind turbines

New and existing wind turbines can easily be equipped and retrofitted with the HighStep system. The mobile and compact HighStep Lift is the ideal solution for comfortable, efficient and safe access to multiple systems.

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The HighStep rail

Innovative fall protection and climbing system for maximum work safety in wind turbines. Trust in our leading height safety solutions.

The system carrier with maintenance-free rail: easy to install, durable and extremely resilient

The standardized aluminum rail forms the basis of the system. It is easy to install and is mounted stationary on the structure.
Due to its design and classification as part of a machine, the HighStep rail remains maintenance-free throughout its entire service life. The anodized surface provides additional protection from harsh environmental conditions.
The rail is very strong and only needs to be connected to the structure every three meters on average. This offers the user new options and maximum flexibility in the realization of their projects.
The HighStep rail is extremely easy to assemble and can be used regardless of the nature or shape of the building. The rail is bendable and can be adapted to the shape of a structure on site. This significantly reduces the preparatory work associated with assembly compared to conventional climbing systems.

The high step lift

The world's first mobile service lift - safe, time-saving and comfortable to the location at any desired height
The solid connection between the foot and the rail created by the pedal reliably prevents any fall, as it is not possible to step on the foot or accidentally slip.
The user walks absolutely upright at all times and can freely choose his step height; the movement sequence is similar to climbing stairs. The pedals can also be used as resting and working platforms.

The HighStep Easy & Protector

The basic model for climbing is the HighStep Easy, consisting of two independent pedals. To climb, the pedals are hooked into the rail while the user's foot is fixed to the pedal by a binding.
Climbing on the rail always takes place in conjunction with the independent fall protection device, the HighStep Protector. This serves as a rotating safety element and third safety point on the rail.
In the event of a sudden downward movement, the protector blocks in the rail and a fall is not possible. The combination of HighStep Easy and protector results in a minimal fall distance and the integrated fall protection absorber ensures maximum safety.
Multiple sliding rollers on all sides and optimal coordination with the rail make the protector particularly easy to move. The smart design prevents accidental hooking and enables extremely comfortable and safe ascent and descent.
The Protector is the only fall arrester of its kind that can be fixed with one hand as a fixed anchor point in the event of a rescue. It is approved for two people according to EN 795 B.

comparison of climbing ladder and Highstep Systems for wind turbine maintenance

Avoid accidents by using HighStep Systems fall protection Wind Turbines.

When evaluating climbing systems for wind turbines, significant differences emerge climbing ladders and the HighStep system in terms of various parameters.

Conventional fixed ladders require annual maintenance and do not offer comprehensive protection against misuse.

In contrast, the HighStep system shines in the context of Wind Turbines with an ergonomic climb, waives annual maintenance costs for the fall protection rail, ensures continuous protection against misuse and enables a wide range of applications. This innovative solution not only opens up efficient maintenance, but also the possibility of material transport and flexible adaptation to different requirements in the wind energy industry.

HighStep Systems rail system fall protection

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