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Our Fall protection sets the benchmark in the security industry by meeting the highest standards and ensuring the protection of workers in various environments.

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The HighStep fall protection at a glance

The benefits of fall protection

Fall protection rail system HighStep Systems AG


As a future-oriented system for fall protection, HighStep Systems meets a safety standard that has never been achieved to date

Your benefits at a glance:

Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking world of Fall protection with the HighStep Lift, a groundbreaking solution that eliminates all the disadvantages of conventional Security systems overcomes. A single push of a button is enough for the user to reach their workplace effortlessly and, above all, in a fall-proof manner.

Manual ascent with the HighStep Easy is extremely comfortable and safe. The movement sequence is similar to climbing stairs, whereby the climbing shoes not only serve as a climbing aid, but also act as a stable resting and working platform. The user determines his individual step height in order to guarantee maximum comfort and ergonomic fall protection. Experience a new era of more effective and user-friendly systems with HighStep Systems Fall protection.

By using HighStep climbing devices, fall protection is raised to a new level. A minimal fall distance and multiple connections between the user and the HighStep climbing devices ensure the highest safety standards and minimize the risk of accidents. Trust our advanced technologies to maximize not only effectiveness but also safety in the workplace. With HighStep you rely on reliable fall protection systems that put user protection first.

Around Fall protection HighStep Systems sets new standards compared to conventional climbing methods such as climbing bolts or fixed ladders. With the HighStep rail it is only possible to climb the entire installation length using the portable climbing devices from HighStep Systems. This advanced technology not only ensures effective protection, but also prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the application. Count on HighStep for one Fall protection, which ideally combines innovation and security.

freedom from maintenance

The HighStep rail system installed on the structure is basically maintenance-free

The Fall protection through the HighStep rail system is carried out in accordance with the Machinery Directive and not according to the conventional standards that apply to conventional fall protection systems such as fixed ladders and fall protection rails. This deviation goes hand in hand with the system being maintenance-free, which leads to low maintenance costs for the operator. By eliminating the otherwise required inspections, the effort is minimized and at the same time the highest level of safety is ensured in accordance with the requirements of Machinery Directive guaranteed.

Fall protection at great heights
Construction of fall protection

Cost effectiveness

HighStep offers outstanding cost-effectiveness over the entire lifespan of the fall protection system

Your benefits at a glance:

HighStep offers the best value for money of any fall protection system on the market - first-class safety without straining your budget.

Our modular fall protection system with prefabricated standard components minimizes construction effort and enables effortless installation. An impressive example: The retrofitting of a 60 meter high overhead line pylon can be completed in just 6 to 8 hours.

Thanks to the maintenance-free nature of the permanently installed HighStep rail, there are no additional costs. According to legal regulations, the access equipment only needs to be checked every 12 months.

The HighStep Lift fall protection enables time savings of up to 80 percent when ascending and descending. In addition, the mobile lift can be used for any number of fall protection applications.

Due to its flexibility, the HighStep system is ideal for retrofitting existing buildings.

The High Step Fall protection system minimizes the risk of accidents at work. By reducing accidents and work-related illnesses, operational disruptions can be minimized and overall productivity increased.

We at HighStep Systems train you in handling and maintenance so efficiently that you can then carry out the corresponding maintenance on the products yourself.

The Fall protection HighStep enables experienced specialists to remain active in the field and continue to contribute their valuable expertise.

Future-oriented technology

The HighStep rail remains the unchangeable system basis

Your benefits at a glance:

All applications developed in the future will run on the already installed system basis, the HighStep rail.

Due to the minimal impact on the visual appearance of the building, the HighStep system is particularly suitable for sophisticated, modern architecture.

The HighStep rail is made from recycled aluminum and 100% renewable energy is used to produce the rail.

Fall protection for industrial climbers

Certified by TÜV Süd

Our commitment to producing high-quality fall protection is confirmed by extensive certificates. 

We want you to have complete confidence in our products, which is why we offer you the opportunity to download our certificates. This way you can be personally assured of the quality and safety of our products Fall arrest solutions convince.

Study by ETH Zurich proves ergonomic advantage

“The physical and psychological stress associated with conventional climbing methods is significantly higher than climbing with HighStep, given normal and typical working conditions. The climbing comfort with HighStep is significantly better compared to other climbing methods.”


The HighStep fall protection consists of two different components, the aluminum rail as a system support and a selectable climbing device: the HighStep Easy and the HighStep Lift.

HighStep rail

The system carrier with maintenance-free rail: easy to install, durable and extremely resilient
HighstepSystems rail - fall protection

HighStep Easy & Protector​

The basic model for climbing is the HighStep Easy, consisting of two independent pedals. To climb, the pedals are hooked into the rail while the user's foot is fixed to the pedal by a binding.
HighstepSystems lift, fall protection

High step lift

The HighStep Lift is the world's first mobile, battery-operated service lift for structures and masts of any kind. The lift enables efficient, safe and comfortable ascent and descent. It is hooked into the rail in just a few steps and can be used immediately to transport people and materials. Only state-of-the-art components are used to ensure high quality and safety standards. The HighStep Lift sets fundamentally new standards in terms of fall protection systems and opens up completely new possibilities. Once you've used it, you'll never want to be without the HighStep Lift again!

HighstepSystems Lift

HighStep portable anchor point

Portable anchor point according to EN 795 for rescue operations or as material/personal security. The mobile anchor point can be attached to the HighStep rail in almost any position. Areas of application such as rescuing an injured person, material or personal security can be optimized.
Mobile anchor point


Fall protection offers possible applications for difficult-to-access workplaces in a wide range of industries and structures.

Fall protection for electricity pylons

Power grids

Applicable to all types of electricity poles
Fall protection wind masts

Wind power

Can be flexibly retrofitted to all wind turbines
Fall protection antennas

Transmission towers

Equipment for telecommunications and transmission masts, radio systems and antennas

Fall protection for industrial climbers

Industry and infrastructure

The safe solution for customer-specific projects

Enthusiastic customer testimonials:

See what our customers have to say about the safety and effectiveness of our fall protection systems - success stories that are redefining the standards!

Frequently asked Questions

Your questions, our answers to the HighStep Systems. 

Anchor points can be found on wind turbines, warehouses, masts and antennas and are used by industrial climbers and other professionals who work at high altitudes. These serve to protect yourself from a fall using personal protective equipment against falls (PPE).”

The fall protection device protects the user from falling. The fall protection system from HighStep Systems consists of the moving fall protection runner, the HighStep Protector and the fixed connection between the foot and the rail. Accidental slipping or stepping is not possible.

HighStep Systems is a fall protection system for safe and efficient access to difficult-to-reach workplaces at height and depth. Electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers or industrial plants are applications for which the fall protection system from HighStep Systems is suitable.

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