Safe, versatile, efficient, ergonomic, comfortable, robust, maintenance-free - the HighStep fall protection system offers our customers and users significant added value in all aspects

Safety and security

«As a future-oriented climbing system, HighStep Systems meets a safety standard previously unattained.»

Ergonomics – arriving in the work area rested

The HighStep Lift overcomes all the drawbacks of conventional fall protection systems and takes the user to the work area at the push of a button.

During a manual ascent with the HighStep Easy, the motion sequence is identical to climbing stairs. The footplates simultaneously serve as a rest and working platform, and the user determines the individual height of the steps for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

Fall protection AND minimal drop

A minimal drop and multiple connections between the user and HighStep climbing equipment maximise safety and prevent accidents.

Misuse protection and prevention

Compared to conventional climbing methods such as climbing pegs or ladders, the HighStep rail can only be climbed with the HighStep Systems portable climbing equipment along the entire installation length. The system prevents unauthorised climbing of the application.


The HighStep rail system installed on the structure is generally maintenance-free. The HighStep rail system falls under the Machinery Directive, not the typical standards of conventional and comparable fall protection systems, such as ladders and fall arrest rails. Being maintenance-free, the maintenance costs are accordingly low for the operating company, as there are no expenses for inspections which are otherwise required.



HighStep offers outstanding cost-effectiveness over the service life of the fall protection system.

Wettbewerbsfähige Investitionskosten

HighStep offers the best price-performance ratio compared to any other fall protection systems available on the market.

Low installation cost thanks to the modular system

A modular system with prefabricated standard components reduces the design work and allows for easy and quick Installation. For example, a 60 metre overhead line tower can be retrofitted in only 6 to 8 hours.

Minimal maintenance cost

Being maintenance-free, the fixed HighStep rail ensures there are no life cycle costs. Only the climbing equipment need to be inspected to local regulations every 12 months.

High efficiency and productivity

The HighStep Lift reduces time used for ascends and descends by up to 80 percent. In addition, the mobile lift can be used for any number of applications.

Retrofittable system

The flexibility of the HighStep System makes it optimal for retrofitting existing structures.

Prevention pays off!

The HighStep System reduces the risk of industrial accidents. A low number of industrial accidents and occupational illness can for instance reduce downtimes and increase productivity.


No misuse protection required

Unlike conventional fall protection systems, it requires no investments in access barriers on each structure.

Low training expense

HighStep Systems will train you so efficiently in use and maintenance you will then be able to perform the respective product maintenance yourself.

Held by experienced professionals

With the HighStep System, older, experienced professionals can remain in the field.

Future-oriented technology

Advancement of applications

The HighStep rail remains the fixed system basis. All future applications will be based on the installed system base, the HighStep rail.


The low impact on the visual appearance of the structure makes the HighStep System particularly suitable for discerning, modern architecture.


The HighStep rail is made from recycled aluminium and producing the rail uses 100% renewable energy.