Attachment points Fall protection: Safety when working at heights

In the modern working world, safety when working at heights is of central importance. Anyone who works at heights is aware of the dangers that these activities entail. A key element in ensuring safety is the use of anchor points for fall protection. In this article we shed light on the importance of anchor points, the specific requirements for their use and the innovative solutions that HighStep Systems AG offers with its mobile anchor point for climbing systems.

Expertise in anchor points and fall protection

The importance of anchor points

Anchor points are central elements in fall protection systems. They serve as attachment points for personal fall protection equipment (PPE) such as seat belts, carabiners and ropes. Their correct placement and securing are critical to minimizing the risk of a fall and absorbing impact energy in the event of a fall.

Requirements for anchor points

Anchor points must meet certain requirements to be considered safe. You need to:

  1. Load capacity and stability: Anchor points must have sufficient strength to safely support the worker's weight and the forces that would occur in the event of a fall.
  2. Certifications and standards: They must comply with applicable safety standards, such as DIN EN 795 in Europe, which specifies requirements and test methods for anchor devices.
  3. Positioning and accessibility: Anchor points should be positioned so that they are easily accessible and allow for secure attachment.

Dangers when working at heights

Working at heights poses numerous risks, including:

  • bell: The most obvious and dangerous aspect. Inadequately secured workers are exposed to a high risk of falling.
  • Commute: A fall may cause the worker to swing back and forth, which may result in further injury.
  • Dizziness and fatigue: Workers at heights may be at risk of fear of heights or fatigue, which can affect their alertness and ability to work safely.

Innovative solutions from HighStep Systems

HighStep Systems AG has introduced a significant innovation in the field of fall protection with its mobile anchor point. This mobile anchor point offers a wide range of applications and significantly improves safety and efficiency when working at heights.

The mobile anchor point from HighStep Systems

The mobile anchor point from HighStep Systems can be attached to the HighStep rail in almost any position. This offers numerous advantages:

  1. Rescuing people who have had an accident: In an emergency, the anchor point can be positioned quickly and flexibly to make it easier to rescue an injured person.
  2. Material and personal security: The mobile anchor point optimizes the securing of both materials and people by offering a flexible and reliable attachment option.
  3. Support with assembly: During assembly of the HighStep rail, the mobile anchor point can be integrated as an anchor point for the cable pull, which improves the efficiency and safety of the assembly process.

Various security features

The mobile anchor point from HighStep Systems is characterized by several safety features:

  • High load capacity: Designed and tested to withstand heavy loads and ensure maximum safety.
  • Easy to use: User-friendly design that allows for quick and easy attachment.
  • Flexibility: Can be attached to the rail at different positions and heights, providing great flexibility in application.

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Anchor points are an indispensable part of fall protection when working at heights. The innovative solutions from HighStep Systems AG, especially the mobile anchor point, set new standards in safety and efficiency. The versatile application options and the simple attachment options on the HighStep rail significantly increase occupational safety. Companies and workers can rely on being well protected and equipped with HighStep Systems products.


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