utility poles, wind turbines, radio towers or industrial facilities – the HighStep fall protection system meets any challenge

There is a vast number of hard to access work areas around the world, whether high up or down low. Every day professionals must reach these jobs at high risk. The innovative HighStep fall protection system makes access extremely safe and efficient, and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Electrical grids

Overhead line or utility poles, respectively, are ideal for the HighStep System, regardless of the pole or tower structure. The maintenance-free, fixed rail and the ergonomic climbing equipment prevent accidents and increase the security of supply. The HighStep Lift allows the world's first fully automatic access to the location including material transport.

Wind power

New and existing wind turbines can easily be equipped and retrofitted with the HighStep System. The mobile and compact HighStep Lift is the ideal solution for comfortable, efficient and safe access to several installations. Wind towers do not require a service lift, reducing investment and maintenance cost.


Cell sites / radio towers

Regular maintenance and repair of telecommunication installations as well as radio towers or cell sites can be optimised with the HighStep System. The fall arrest rail cannot be climbed without climbing equipment, thus offering built-in climbing and theft protection. The lift enables safe, efficient and comfortable transport for persons and materials.

Industry and infrastructure

For industrial facilities and buildings, the system offers safe access to inspect roofs, flues, facades or high up parts of the building.

For transport infrastructure facilities such as railway signal posts, the system offers advantages such as safe climbing along the track and a built-in work platform.

The flexible and modular system can be used on virtually any structure, regardless of its design and height. For example, the 325 metre tall lattice mast «Atto Tower» in the Brazilian rainforest, equipped with the HighStep System. The top of the mast can be reached safely and ergonomically in 12 minutes.

Other applications are light towers, cranes, tunnels and all other types of hard to access structures.

Do you have a custom project? We look forward to your inquiry and will provide you with all the information required to ensure an outstanding fall protection system.