Efficient maintenance of urban cable cars: The HighStep system as the optimal solution

With the increasing use of Cable cars in urban areas To improve mobility and respond to traffic-related challenges, operators are faced with the need to implement efficient and safe maintenance systems. The HighStep system from HighStep Systems AG offers an innovative solution for maintaining the masts and ropes of these urban cable cars. It combines security, efficiency and natural protection against vandalism.

HighStep System: A safe and efficient maintenance solution

The maintenance of gondolas and their cable car systems requires precise and reliable access systems. The HighStep system enables quick and safe access to all necessary maintenance points along the cable car masts. Installing the HighStep Rail along the masts provides a flexible and robust solution specifically designed for the demanding conditions of urban environments.

Advantages of modular rail systems

The modular nature of the HighStep system allows for easy adjustment to different mast heights and configurations. This is particularly advantageous in the city, where spatial conditions can vary. Technicians can get to the required points safely and efficiently without the limitations of traditional ladder systems.

Integrated security features

One of the outstanding features of the HighStep system is its integrated safety technology. The technician is protected even in emergency situations thanks to the separately running fall protection runner. Another advantage is that the fall arrester can be converted into a mobile anchor point at the push of a button. This means the employee is also protected when changing trains. These systems are crucial to ensure safety during maintenance work on the high-altitude elements of the cable cars.

Natural protection against vandalism

A significant advantage of the HighStep system in urban applications is the natural protection against vandalism. Unlike traditional ladders, which are often unsecured and can be misused as climbing aids, the HighStep system does not provide an obvious climbing point.

Compliance with safety standards

The HighStep system complies with the strictest international safety standards and is certified according to relevant ISO standards and EU guidelines. These certifications confirm the reliability and safety of the system, which is of great importance for operators of urban cable cars. Here go to the standards.

The HighStep system represents an ideal solution for urban cable car maintenance. With its advanced safety features, flexibility and natural protection against vandalism, it offers an answer to the complex challenges of modern urban infrastructure maintenance. For cities expanding their public transport systems with cable cars, the HighStep system is a safe, efficient and long-term sustainable investment that increases both operational safety and maintenance efficiency.


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