New cooperation between HighStep Systems and Griesemann: Together for maximum security

In the world of height access technology, partnerships are crucial to deliver innovative solutions and ensure comprehensive safety standards. For this reason, HighStep Systems is pleased to announce the new cooperation with Griesemann Höhentechnik GmbH - a renowned service provider for industrial assembly, renovation, testing and training in the area of ​​complex technical systems in exposed locations.

About Griesemann Höhentechnik: Innovative service provider for assembly, testing and training

The Griesemann Group is a leading provider in multidisciplinary and holistic plant engineering; individual solutions in maintenance and plant service are part of your daily business. The Griesemann Höhentechnik division specializes in the areas of assembly, renovation, maintenance, inspection and training. With high quality standards, qualified specialists and state-of-the-art technologies, Griesemann Höhentechnik serves customers in various industries, including energy production, chemicals and petrochemicals.
One focus of the Griesemann Group is the development and implementation of tailor-made solutions for new technical challenges in industrial plants. With its extensive know-how and its focus on the highest level of safety and efficiency, Griesemann Höhentechnik is an ideal partner for HighStep Systems.

Cooperation and synergies between HighStep Systems and Griesemann Höhentechnik

The collaboration between HighStep Systems and Griesemann Höhentechnik extends to various services such as assembly, testing and training. The combination of our innovative access solutions and the combination of alternative methods in industrial climbing, rope access technology, PPE installation, maintenance and testing creates valuable synergies that benefit our customers:
1. Montages: Efficient integration of the HighStep systems with the specialists from Griesemann Höhentechnik
The experienced team supports the installation and integration of the HighStep systems into complex systems and ensures safe and efficient implementation.
2.Exams: Inspections and maintenance in accordance with the highest industry standards
Regular inspection of height access systems is crucial for safety. Irata certified industrial climbers carry out inspections and maintenance to the highest standards to ensure the functionality and reliability of our products.
3. Training: Highly qualified training for safe and effective operation
Highly qualified training programs provide the necessary skills to safely operate our access solutions and enable users to get the most out of the systems.

Conclusion: New partnership for maximum industrial safety and efficiency

This cooperation strengthens the position of HighStep Systems and the Griesemann Group as leading providers in their respective fields. Our customers can rest assured that they have access to best-in-class height access solutions and comprehensive services that meet the highest safety standards.
Together, HighStep Systems and Griesemann Höhentechnik are setting a new standard for industrial safety and efficiency. We look forward to a successful partnership that makes the world of work safer and more productive.


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