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  •  HighStep System

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  •   HighStep Easy

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Observing the HighStep Easy, you can see the pedals to which the feet of the climber are firmly attached. In contrast to climbing a ladder rung by rung, the feet of the user never physically leave the climbing system during the course of climbing. It is impossible to slip, misstep or fall down. The device is strong enough to carry a load of 150 kg on each pedal. This is sufficient to carry one person, although the constructive design is much stronger.

The HighStep Protector forms the third independent connection between the user and the Rail. The Protector is the fall protection and secures the user if he falls while climbing the Rail. The fall protection runs freely along the Rail, it is always attached to the Rail and can't accidentally come off, because the rail segments form one continuous Rail. The Protector has a loading capacity of up to 300 kg. Although its construction is designed for much higher loads (1,500 kg), the stated load is sufficient to carry two people and this enables easy rescues.

The fall arrester HighStep Protector has been certified by the TÜV CE according to the directive EN 353-1.

Resulting benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced risk of falls and missteps
  • Additional safety gear (e.g. back-protectors, rope safeguarding etc.) becoming redundant


HighStep Easy and Protector represent the user’s personal climbing device and protective equipment. Both are extremely handy and easy to carry.

Only a few simple steps are necessary to attach the HighStep Easy to the HighStep Rail. Once the user’s feet are tightened to the Easy’s pedal the climbing device is ready for action.

Resulting benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • One climbing device enables the user to access all structures equipped with the HighStep Rail


HighStep Easy has been developed for being used in all weather and climate conditions. Its solid design and its high-quality, Swiss-made components guarantee sustainable durability even in toughest conditions. The wear parts are reduced to a minimum and inspection check-ups are only necessary every two years.

HighStep Services guarantees for permanent functionality of HighStep Easy.

Resulting benefits:

  • All-weather use
  • Few wear parts
  • High investment protection
  • Low maintenance costs


Moving along the rail requires exactly the same movements as walking up and down the stairs. The user raises his heels, and the climbing device runs freely on the Rail. Ascending and descending are accomplished by raising or lowering the entire foot. At the conclusion of a step, placing weight on the heel locks the pedal at exactly the current position on the Rail. The user can therefore stop the climb and rest at any time. The height of each step can be adjusted to match the current conditions. Small steps are usually easier.

The user always stands upright throughout a climb. This ensures a physiological movement. The arms are only needed for balancing not as a support while climbing.

People are able to stand for a long time – especially in an upright position – but can only hang by their arms for a few seconds. Climbing with the HighStep Easy does not require a person to hang by his arms, but only to stand upright and walk.


Resulting benefits:

  • Less tiring climbing
  • Ergonomic and natural movement sequence
  • Flexible height of steps
  • No pressure on arms and upper-body parts
  • Can be used as a resting patform

Demografic effect

HighStep Easy supports the user with a climbing device that allows to climb in a more natural and ergonomic way by effectively reducing the forces targeting the user’s arms, legs and the upper-body parts.

HighStep Easy & Protector thereby offer great benefits compared to traditional climbing solutions allowing to keep experienced employees in the field for a longer period of time.

Resulting benefits:

  • Reduces forces and effects that are affecting the users physical condition when climbing
  • System is also suited for more mature or partially handicapped employees