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  •  HighStep System

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The Lift has multiple redundant, fail-safe safety systems for maximum safety of the user. Various sensors continuously supply information about the system and the environment. As it is portable and has neither a cabin nor roof, it requires detectors to sense that the connections to the Rail and deadman switch are closed. This allows the Lift to move only while the hands are on the handles. Temperatures and weight are also detected, together with the charge level of the battery and other parameters. As soon as a value leaves its tolerance limits, a signal is sent immediately to the 4 fail-safe catches, which lock into the Rail and stop the device immediately.

Resulting benefits:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduces risk of falls and missteps
  • Makes additional safety gear (e.g. back-protectors, rope safeguarding etc.) redundant


The HighStep Lift is a fully automated climbing device for easy access to high work places. Like every other device used on the Rail, HighStep Lift can be brought to the place of use. Its compact design and the separation of the device into motor and battery sections enables one person to carry these sections. It can be attached to the Rail just as quickly and easily as the other HighStep devices. As no other rope hoists, cables or other external devices are required, the Lift can be unloaded from a motor vehicle, taken to the Rail and be ready for use within seconds.

Resulting benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • One climbing device enables the user to access all structures equipped with the HighStep Rail


Using the HighStep Lift results in significant gains in time for all kinds of works in higher altitudes whilst simultaneously ensuring safety and minimizing the physical effects occuring on the user when manually climbing. The user reaches the high-level workplace relaxed and rested.

The high level of flexibility and the HighStep Lift’s portability allow to quickly and comfortably access all structures equipped with the HighStep Rail. It thereby supports its user wherever, whenever in an uncomplicated and most efficient way.

Resulting benefits:

  • Significant savings in time without increased safety risk
  • Improved user performance
  • All-weather use


HighStep Lift is the ultimate comfortable experience. Climbing with this device is completely automatic, the user reaches the high-level workplace relaxed and rested.

The Lift can also be controlled by remote control. This enables either several persons to be elevated one after the other or the Lift to be used to transport material.

Resulting benefits:

  • No use of force
  • No pressure on arms and upper-body parts
  • Can be used as a resting patform

Demografic effect

HighStep Lift reduces the forces targeting the user when traditionally climbing to an absolute minimum.

HighStep Lift is particularly well designed to keep experienced employees in the field for a longer period of time.


Resulting benefits:

  • Reduces forces and effects that are affecting the users physical condition when climbing
  • System is also suited for more mature or partially handicapped employees