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  •  HighStep System

  •  HighStep Rail

  •   HighStep Easy

  •  HighStep Lift

  •  HighStep Robo



The HighStep Lift operates like an elevator and is powered by four engines. It is transportable and can be used on several different buildings or structures equipped with the HighStep Rail. It consists of a battery unit and a drive unit, which can be transported separately.

One battery charge allows the HighStep Lift to climb 1500 meters. During descent, the battery recharges up to 33% through recuperation. Safe descending is also possible once the battery is empty.

Construction Lift

Site of operation

  • Indoor and outdoor use
    (-20° C to +50° C)

Operating modes

  • Elevator for 1 person
  • Remote control for empty runs
  • Cargo transport for a maximum of 150 kg payload
  • Assembled and ready to use in a few seconds


  • Maximum payload of
    150 kg

Own weight

  • Lift column 30 kg
  • Accumulator cell/standing
    platform 20 kg

Battery capacity

  • Up to 1,500 metres in
    altitude (150 kg of cargo) with fully charged batteries
  • Batteries are recharged during descent
  • Accumulator cell/standing platform easily removable
  • Lithium battery of the newest generation, can also be used at -20° C
  • More than 1,000 charging cycles even at full discharge


  • Increased safety thanks to multiple connection points between rail and device
  • Same safety standards as a normal passenger lift
  • Reliable emergency stop function
  • Various sensors for increased safety
  • Independent mechanical emergency stop system

Rail system

  • The HighStep Lift can be used exclusively in combination with the HighStep Rail.
  • The HighStep Rail is standardized and unchanged. The HighStep Lift is also compatible with all
    previously installed rails.
  • Light load on the rail allows simple installation with connection
    points to the structure in intervals of up to 3 to 6 m.


  • The HighStep Lift is portable and very mobile. The same device can be used on various sites.
  • The mobility reduces and simplifies maintenance efforts as maintenance takes place in the factory.
  • The maintenance cycle is 1 year (for the device only, the HighStep Rail is maintenance-free).


  • The HighStep Rail system as well as the HighStep Lift are approved by TÜV.
  • HighStep fulfils highest safety requirements.