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Construction Robo

Weight, including battery: 12 kg
Load capacity: Approx. 60 kg
Mounting surface for modules: Length: 345 mm, width: 175 mm, fixed with M8 screws
Battery: LiMn 48V/4,5Ah Samsung ICR18650-15L cells, balance function
Battery capacity at full load: 1.5 hours (depending on the modules connected)
Charging time: Approx. 6 hours
Radio range: 150 meters (depending on buildings and external sources of interference)
Interface for control/programming: USB, W-LAN 802.11 b (protocols: HTTP, TCP, UDP, SNTP, FTP and SMTP)
Programming language: OpenPicus / C
Computer CPU: Flyport 16 bit processor with openPicus framework
Integrated sensors: Front & back collision protection, battery status, revolution counter
Drive: 2 x Maxon 150 watt 48 volt engines with planetary drives
Engine control: Engine control unit with load protection, acceleration ramp, configurable via USB
Brakes: 2 x electromagnetic holding brakes, in addition to the engine brake