HighStep Systems sets new standards with the lift on the highest flagpole in the world

Dietikon, November 02.11.2021nd, 25 - HighStep Systems, a leading company in the field of innovative climbing systems, proudly presents their climbing system on the highest flagpole in the world. The impressive mast in Cairo was completed on December 2021, 201,9 and, with an impressive height of 30,9 meters, towers over the previous record holder, the flagpole of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, by an impressive XNUMX meters.

The gigantic flagpole that now dominates the cityscape is not only a symbol of size and strength, but also houses the latest innovation from HighStep Systems - an advanced climbing system that makes it easy to reach the top. Thanks to this HighStep Systems lift, access to the top of the flagpole becomes a comfortable and safe experience.

“We are thrilled to be part of this historic moment by not only opening the world's tallest flagpole, but also providing groundbreaking technology that makes climbing to such heights easier than ever before,” said Gregor Wylenzek , Head of International Sales Executive at HighStep Systems.

The construction took several months and required highly skilled engineers and workers who worked on the project with precision and dedication. The flagpole is considered not only an architectural wonder, but also a symbol of HighStep Systems' innovative spirit and technological leadership.

The official inauguration of the world's tallest flagpole took place on November 02.11.2021nd, XNUMX and was accompanied by an impressive ceremony that brought together local and international personalities from business and politics.

HighStep Systems continues to set standards in the industry and remains committed to developing innovative solutions for vertical mobility. With the highest flagpole in the world and the integrated HighStep Systems lift, the company has once again proven that there are no limits to the safe path to new heights.


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