Key to accessing the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO)

Project goal: HighStep Systems AG's project on the highest masts in South America highlights the crucial role of our climbing systems and elevators in ensuring smooth accessibility Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO). Our innovative systems are key to safely and effortlessly transporting researchers and equipment to this important research station in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Project description: HighStep Systems AG is proud to develop advanced climbing systems and lifts that make it easy to climb great heights. South America is home to some of the tallest pylons that serve as the cornerstone of ATTO, a research station that collects crucial data about the Amazon. Our project focuses on how our access systems and elevators enable access to the ATTO and thus make a crucial contribution to the study of this valuable ecosystem.

The role of ATTO robot: An important aspect of this project is the collaboration with the ATTO project, which envisages the development of a special robot for mast measurement. This robot, developed and operated by the ATTO team, can soar along our tracks and perform high-precision measurements and data monitoring. This innovative robot perfectly complements our climbing systems and makes it possible to collect even more precise information about the ATTO's surroundings.

Challenges and successes: The project presented several challenges, including the extreme weather conditions and the height of the masts. Nevertheless, we were able to successfully overcome these challenges. Our climbing systems and elevators, together with the ATTO robot, have proven to be reliable solutions to ensure the accessibility of the ATTO while collecting valuable data.

And finally ... HighStep Systems AG's project on the highest masts in South America emphasizes the crucial importance of our climbing systems and elevators and the close cooperation with the ATTO project. Our systems enable seamless access to the research station while the ATTO robot takes high-precision measurements that deepen our understanding of this complex ecosystem and enable more precise climate forecasts. We are proud to do our part to promote research and environmental protection and look forward to future developments that will further improve our technology.


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