Volkswagen in Zwickau relies on HighStep Systems

Dietikon ZH/Zwickau/Eching – At the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau, HighStep lifts from HighStep Systems in Dietikon are used to access the high-bay warehouses. They were installed by the intralogistics specialist MIAS.

Climbing lifts from HighStep Systems AG from Dietikon are used in the Zwickau Volkswagen plant. The specialist magazine “Technische Logistik” reports on this in a detailed article entitled “Lifting instead of climbing”. It says that climbing ladders on storage and retrieval machines for maintenance or repair work is tedious and poses the risk of accidents.

That is why specialists from MIAS GmbH from Eching near Munich installed a “special kind of assistance system”. This is the Highstep Lift from HighStep Systems. The elevator transports people and materials weighing up to 150 kilograms over a height of 30 meters quickly and safely to any desired position.

“The physical strain of climbing was sometimes immense,” John Schultke from the series planning paint shop at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau is quoted as saying. “Ultimately, equipment and tools had to be carried along, so that the employees were completely exhausted during the conventional 15-minute climb.” With the HighStep Lift, “we have found a solution that redefines the term climbing aid,” continues John Schultke. The system meets higher safety standards than standards for fixed ladders.

HighStep Systems AG was founded in 2007 and is based in Dietikon. It develops and sells innovative fall protection systems as an alternative to conventional climbing methods such as fixed ladders. The HighStep fall protection system consists of two components: an aluminum rail as a system support and the portable HighStep lift.

Customers include the Swiss transmission system operator Swissgrid, the European high-voltage network operator TenneT and the Chinese energy company State Grid Corporation of China.


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High-bay warehouse

HighStep system used in deep-freeze warehouses

In the demanding cold storage environment, safety and efficiency are paramount when working at heights. HighStep Systems AG, a leading provider of innovative climbing systems, provides the HighStep Lift, a solution specially developed for extreme conditions that not only improves safety, but also significantly increases work productivity.

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