Access solution for working at heights in Antwerp

Project overview: In Antwerp, one of the highest pipelines in Europe poses a particular challenge for employees. At a height of almost 200 meters, access to this workplace usually requires arduous climbing. Our lift solution aims to make this process significantly easier and increase employee safety.

Relief for employees: Our priority is to make employees' access to their workplace as comfortable and safe as possible. The arduous climb is replaced by our lift, which not only enables a comfortable climb but also minimizes physical strain. This leads to a significant improvement in working conditions and efficiency.

Material transport optimization: Our solution not only offers safe transport of people, but also enables the efficient transport of tools and materials. This helps increase overall work performance as all the resources needed are easily available.

And finally ... Our lift solution in Antwerp is a valuable resource for employees working at heights. We are proud to make it much easier for you to access your workplace while increasing safety and efficiency. Highstep Systems AG remains committed to developing innovative solutions that improve the work environment and promote productivity.


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HighStep system used in deep-freeze warehouses

In the demanding cold storage environment, safety and efficiency are paramount when working at heights. HighStep Systems AG, a leading provider of innovative climbing systems, provides the HighStep Lift, a solution specially developed for extreme conditions that not only improves safety, but also significantly increases work productivity.

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