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  •  HighStep for electricity pylons

  •  HighStep for communication towers

  •  HighStep for cranes

  •  HighStep for wind power plants

  •  HighStep for buildings

  •  HighStep for shafts and tunnels


Requirements from a network provider's perspective

  • The safety requirements must comply with and reliably fulfil the established standards of trade associations and insurance companies.
  • The part of the system attached to the tower must not need any regular maintenance expenditure, because the towers are only climbed infrequently.
  • The system must be easy to handle, and be ready for use quickly and easily where towers stand in the middle of fields, on hills or even in mountain ranges.
  • The system must be able to be installed on different types of towers, so that only one climbing solution is required for a whole network.
  • The system must not be susceptible to environmental effects, such as wind, weather and lightning strikes.
  • The assembly and installation of a climbing system should be as simple as possible and cost as little as possible.