HighStep Systems Impresses at Saudi Electric Company (SEC) Contractor Safety Forum

HighStep Systems attended the Saudi Electric Company (SEC) Contractor Safety Forum in February and proudly showcased its innovative fall protection system.

The HighStep fall protection system was presented to the high-ranking representatives of the SEC, the executive management and the CEO Eng. Khaled bin Hamad AlGnoon and His Excellency AALI M. AL ZHARANI Governor of the High Commission for Industrial Security (HClS). The demonstration of the system generated great interest and appreciation from participants.

A special thank you goes to our partner Kanoo, who supported us in organizing and running this important event. The collaboration between HighStep Systems and Kanoo has made it possible to present the benefits and effectiveness of the fall protection system to a wide audience.

HighStep Systems' commitment to safety and quality is reflected in our continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence. We are proud to be part of an event that emphasizes the importance of safety in the work environment and are honored to be able to present our solutions.


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