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HighStep Systems AG offers unique fall protection systems for safe, efficient and ergonomic access to difficult-to-reach workplaces at heights and depths.​
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STANDARDS AS HIGH AS OUR Climbing Protection Systems

HighStep Systems AG offers a unique Fall arrest system for safe, efficient and ergonomic access to hard-to-reach workplaces at heights and depths.​

Our revolutionary solution combines the safety of fall arrest systems with the efficiency of industrial elevators.

Our revolutionary solution combines the safety of fall arrest systems with the efficiency of industrial elevators.

Our aluminum rail provides the sturdy foundation, while our HighStep Easy and HighStep Lift devices ensure effortless access and maximum time savings.

Regardless of whether it is electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers or industrial plants – our system overcomes every challenge and can be used by every specialist without any problems.

The HighStep system at a glance

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Efficiency through innovation

A deep and rough fall from a ladder while harvesting cherries gave the engineer and entrepreneur Wilhelm Maurer the idea of ​​questioning the general safety of climbing up and down ladders.
HighStep Systems maintenance at great heights and depths


Comparison of climbing bolts, highstep systems and climbing ladders.

HighStep Systems maintenance at great heights and depths

Responsibility for your colleagues

Happy and healthy employees are more productive and motivated.

With our system you can ensure ergonomic working conditions that increase satisfaction and well-being.

Show your responsibility for the health of your specialists: With HighStep Systems you send a clear signal that their safety is a top priority.

A solution for demographic change

Demographic change presents companies with new challenges.
The workforce is getting older, more experienced, but also more susceptible to stress. With HighStep Systems we not only offer innovative technology, but also an answer to these changes.

Our fall protection system relieves your specialists of physical strain and enables effortless, quick access to hard-to-reach workplaces.
The individually adjustable step height of the HighStep Easy minimizes the strain, while the HighStep Lift enables comfortable, button-controlled access - without any strenuous climbing.

With our solution you show that you are no longer putting undue stress on your employees, but are keeping an eye on their health and well-being. Invest in a sustainable future in which your skilled workers can work longer and healthier.

Lift Highstep Systems AG


cost reduction

Our modular system with prefabricated standard components without access barriers simplifies installation and reduces construction effort. For example, a 60 meter high overhead line mast can be retrofitted in just 6 to 8 hours. Lower installation costs and freedom from maintenance mean better cost control in the long term.

Minimizing workload

With individually adjustable step height, comfortable work platforms and minimized fall distance from our fall protection systems, your specialists can work comfortably, safely and barrier-free. This minimizes injuries, sick days and downtime, which ensures continuous work flow and makes your employees operational and secure even in old age.

Protection against misuse

In comparison to conventional climbing methods such as climbing bolts or climbing ladders, the HighStep rail can only be climbed over the entire installation length using the portable climbing devices from HighStep Systems.

Training offer

Your employees will receive comprehensive training on the fall arrest system from our experts and will receive detailed safety protocols.


Our HighStep system adapts to different industries and locations. Regardless of whether it is electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission masts or industrial plants – our solution overcomes every challenge and can be optimally used for retrofitting existing buildings.


The HighStep system offers application options for hard-to-reach workplaces in a wide range of industries and buildings.

Fall protection for electricity pylons

Power grids

Applicable to all types of electricity poles
Fall protection wind masts

Wind power

Can be flexibly retrofitted to all wind turbines
Fall protection antennas


Equipment for telecommunications and transmission masts, radio systems and antennas

Fall protection for industrial climbers

High shelves

The safe solution for customer-specific projects


Revolutionary projects: Find out more about the groundbreaking applications and impressive projects in which our fall arrest systems brand plays a central role.

Be one step ahead of the dangers: download the checklist now for free

With our comprehensive checklist you have the opportunity to check and optimize the security standards in your company. Identify potential danger areas, find individual measures to minimize risks and implement proven best practices.

Free checklist for safety officers for climbing ladders

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