The ergonomic climbing system – as easy as climbing stairs, only much safer

Our ergonomic climbing system: Higstep Easy and Protector

Our revolutionary solution combines the safety of fall arrest systems with the efficiency of industrial elevators.

Our aluminum rail forms the robust foundation, while our HighStep Easy devices ensure effortless access and maximum time savings.

Regardless of whether it is electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers or industrial plants – our system overcomes every challenge and can be used by every specialist without any problems.


Climb on mobile pedals

The basic model for climbing is the HighStep Easy, consisting of two independent pedals. To climb, the pedals are hooked into the rail while the user's foot is fixed to the pedal by a binding.

Ergonomic climbing

The user walks absolutely upright at all times and can freely choose his step height; the movement sequence is similar to climbing stairs. The pedals can also be used as resting and working platforms.

Safety redefined

The solid connection between the foot and the rail created by the pedal reliably prevents any fall, as it is not possible to step on the foot or accidentally slip.

Technical data

Permitted person weight per pedal

40 to 150 kg

weight per pedal

2.2 kg


320 x 230 x 230 mm (L x W x D)


Every 12 months

Applied standards

EC Directive 2006/42/EC

Special advantages

Integrated resting platform


The fall protection runner

Climbing on the rail always takes place in conjunction with the independent fall protection device, the HighStep Protector. This serves as a rotating safety element and third safety point on the rail.

Excellent running properties

Multiple sliding rollers on all sides and optimal coordination with the rail make the protector particularly easy to move. The smart design prevents accidental hooking and enables extremely comfortable and safe ascent and descent.

Highest security

In the event of a sudden downward movement, the protector blocks in the rail and a fall is not possible. The combination of HighStep Easy and protector results in a minimal fall distance and the integrated fall protection absorber ensures maximum safety.

Integrated anchor point

The Protector is the only fall arrester of its kind that can be fixed with one hand as a fixed anchor point in the event of a rescue. It is approved for two people according to EN 795 B.

Technical data

Permitted person weight

40 to 150 kg


700 g


150 x 80 mm


aluminum and stainless steel


Up to 15° forward and back position and 15° side position

Ambient temperature

From -35°C to +50°C


Every 12 months

Applied standards

EN 353-1:2014 + A1:2017

EN 795/B:2012 and CEN/TS 16415:2013

Special advantages

Approved as an anchor point for the rescue of two people

Certified by TÜV Süd

Our commitment to producing high-quality fall arrest systems is confirmed by extensive certificates. 

We want you to have complete confidence in our products, which is why we offer you the opportunity to download our certificates. This way you can personally convince yourself of the quality and safety of our fall protection solutions.

Study by ETH Zurich proves ergonomic advantage

“The physical and psychological stress associated with conventional climbing methods is significantly higher than climbing with HighStep, given normal and typical working conditions. The climbing comfort with HighStep is significantly better compared to other climbing methods.”


Revolutionary projects: Find out more about the groundbreaking applications and impressive projects in which our fall arrest systems brand plays a central role.

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Frequently asked Questions

Your questions, our answers to the HighStep Systems Easy Protector. 

The movement sequence is ergonomic and is similar to climbing stairs. The user walks upright and can freely choose his step height. In addition to the fall protection runner, the user is secured with both feet on the pedal by a binding. The fall protection runner ensures maximum fall protection.

The HighStep Easy can be described as a climbing shoe and also serves as a climbing shoe Work and rest platform. The lift can also be used as a working and resting platform during operation.

To climb, the user attaches the pedals to the rail in just a few steps and is immediately ready for use. The protector is just as easily attached to the rail with a safety lock.

The HighStep Easy has a handy weight of 2.2 kg.

The HighStep fall protection runner is certified by TÜV Süd according to the common PPE standard EN 353-1:2014 + A1:2017. In addition, the fall arrester is approved according to EN 795 as an anchor point for rescuing two people.

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Safety at Height: A Comprehensive Look at Fall Arrest Systems and Rest Platforms

Working at heights requires not only skill but, above all, the right protective equipment to avoid falls. In this blog post, we examine key components such as fall arrest runners, fall arrest runners and resting platforms for climbing ladders to understand the importance of comprehensive fall protection.

Fall arresters and fall arresters: safety layers for work at heights

Fall arresters and fall arresters are indispensable elements in protective equipment for working at heights. These special runners serve as an additional layer of safety and minimize the risk of falls. Their robust construction means they not only offer protection but also flexibility for a variety of work environments.

Fixed ladder and fall protection: The backbone of safety equipment

A safe and reliable fixed ladder forms the backbone of fall protection. Integrated resting platforms on ladders not only offer a safe place to hold, but also enable short breaks during the climb. These rest platforms are critical to worker safety and comfort, especially during longer climbs.

Fall arrest systems: Holistic safety guaranteed

Fall arrest systems go one step further and combine various safety components such as fall arrest runners, fall arrest runners and climbing shoes with resting platforms. These integrated systems provide a comprehensive solution to prevent accidents at heights. The climbing protection shoes, part of this system, ensure secure footing and additional protection.

Rest platforms for fall arrest systems: Effective breaks during the climb

The importance of resting platforms on ladders should not be underestimated. These platforms not only provide safety, but also the opportunity for short breaks to minimize fatigue. The integration of rest platforms into fall arrest systems ensures that workers can not only work safely but also comfortably at heights.

Conclusion: Holistic fall protection for work at heights

Safety when working at heights requires well-thought-out protective equipment. Fall arrest runners, fall arrest runners, climbing ladders with integrated resting platforms and fall protection systems are key elements that ensure holistic fall protection. Invest in quality protective equipment to keep your employees safe and create a productive work environment.