The world's first mobile service lift - safe, time-saving and comfortable to the location at any desired height

The world's first mobile service lift

The HighStep Lift is the world's first mobile, battery-operated service lift for structures and masts of any kind. The lift enables efficient, safe and comfortable ascent and descent.

It is hooked into the rail in just a few steps and can be used immediately to transport people and materials. Only state-of-the-art components are used to ensure high quality and safety standards.

The HighStep Lift sets fundamentally new standards in terms of fall protection systems and opens up completely new possibilities. Once you've used it, you'll never want to be without the HighStep Lift again!



security features

Study by ETH Zurich proves ergonomic advantage

“The physical and psychological stress associated with conventional climbing methods is significantly higher than climbing with HighStep, given normal and typical working conditions. The climbing comfort with HighStep is significantly better compared to other climbing methods.”

Technical data

Maximum payload

150 kg

conveying speed

24 m / min

Climbing performance (at 100 kg and 20 °C ambient temperature)


Permissible ambient temperature

-20 ° C to +50 ° C


2x 750 W

battery performance

Approx. 1000 charging cycles


1250 x 440 x 580 mm (L x W x D)

Weight (without battery)

44.1 kg

Weight battery (removable)

9.4 kg

Protection class



Approx. 2000 operating hours

Applied standards

EC Directive 2006/42/EGDIN EN ISO 12100 Safety of machinesDIN EN 1495 Lifting platforms - mast-guided climbing platformsDIN EN 1808 Safety requirements for hanging personnel support equipmentDIN EN ISO 13849 Safety of machines

Certification Authority

MOT South

Certified by TÜV Süd

Our commitment to producing high-quality fall arrest systems is confirmed by extensive certificates. 

We want you to have complete confidence in our products, which is why we offer you the opportunity to download our certificates. This way you can personally convince yourself of the quality and safety of our fall protection solutions.


Revolutionary projects: Find out more about the groundbreaking applications and impressive projects in which our fall arrest systems brand plays a central role.

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Frequently asked Questions

Your questions, our answers to the HighStep Systems Lift.

The HighStep Lift is the first mobile service lift. The battery-operated lift enables efficient and comfortable ascent and descent. The service lift is hooked into the rail in just a few steps and can immediately be used to transport people and materials.

The lift enables efficient, safe and comfortable ascent and descent on the local fall protection rail. The lift is suitable for transporting people and material up to 150 kg.

The portable service lift can be operated remotely using a hand transmitter and is therefore suitable for material transport.

With a load weight of, for example, 100 kg and an ambient temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius, the climbing performance is approx. 3000m. The conveying speed is around 24m/min.

The HighStep Lift is CE certified by TÜV Süd and complies with the following standards and EC guidelines: EC Directive 2006/42/EC, DIN EN ISO 12100 Safety of machines, DIN EN 1495 lifting platforms – mast-guided climbing platforms (based on), DIN EN 1808 Safety requirements for hanging personnel support equipment (based on DIN EN ISO 13849 Safety of machines).

The HighStep Lift is battery operated. The battery can be easily removed and charged on the included charging station.

The battery lifespan is approximately 1.000 charging cycles.

Two wheels are attached to the HighStep Lift on site using a click system. In this way, the user can conveniently transport the service lift to the place of use.

The service lift can be used for all rail applications.

Protective equipment Fall protection

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Efficient material transport at height: The versatility of industrial lifts and material lifts

Working at heights requires not only expertise but also the right equipment to move materials safely and efficiently. In this blog post, we delve into the world of height access technology and highlight the advantages of industrial lifts, material lifts and service lifts, which not only make height access easier, but also optimize material transport.

Material Lifts: The key to effortless material transport

Material lifts, also known as worklifts, are the heroes of height access technology. These compact, portable lifting devices are designed to lift heavy loads safely and precisely. From construction sites to warehouses, material lifts provide an efficient solution for vertically transporting materials.

Service lifts: Versatile solutions for different requirements

Service lifts are the all-rounders in height access technology. Whether maintenance work, repairs or material transport – these lifts offer a versatile solution for various requirements. Thanks to their robust construction and easy operation, service lifts are indispensable tools in numerous industries.

Industrial lifts: Specialized solutions for demanding environments

Industrial lifts go one step further and offer specialized solutions that meet the challenges of demanding environments. Industrial lifts are indispensable, especially in the wind power industry. These sophisticated elevators provide safe and efficient access to wind turbines to perform maintenance or transport materials.

Height access technology: Efficient work processes and safety combined

Height access technology plays a crucial role in optimizing work processes and ensuring safety at heights. Material lifts, service lifts and industrial lifts are key components that not only simplify material transport, but also enable access to hard-to-reach areas.

Conclusion: Efficient material transport with innovative height access technology

In the world of elevated access and material handling, material lifts, service lifts and industrial lifts are essential tools. Their versatility, efficiency and safety make them indispensable companions for companies that work at heights. Invest in the right height access technology to not only make material transport easier, but also to optimize work processes and ensure the safety of your employees.

Comparison: Industrial lifts and the HighStep Lift – A look at innovation and efficiency

The market has evolved significantly in the area of ​​height access technology in recent years, and one innovation that stands out is the HighStep Lift. Let's make a comparison between common industrial lifts and this groundbreaking elevator:

Material lifts and service lifts: Proven solutions

Material lifts and service lifts have proven to be proven solutions for material transport and access to heights. They offer versatility and can be found in many industrial applications. These lifts are reliable, but the HighStep Lift goes beyond that.

Industrial lifts: Specialized applications

Industrial lifts, particularly in wind turbines, are specialized solutions for demanding environments. But the HighStep Lift not only offers specialization, but also mobility and flexibility that go beyond conventional industrial lifts.

HighStep Lift: Innovation and mobility

The HighStep Lift stands out as the world's first mobile, battery-operated service lift. This innovation enables efficient, safe and comfortable ascent and descent for structures and masts of all kinds. The quick assembly and immediate readiness for use for transporting people and materials set new standards in height access technology.

New dimensions in fall protection systems

The HighStep Lift not only revolutionizes material transport at height, but also sets fundamentally new standards for fall protection systems. The use of the most modern technology components ensures the highest quality and safety standards.

Conclusion: HighStep Lift – The future of height access technology

The HighStep Lift opens up completely new possibilities in height access technology. Its mobility, speed of assembly and innovative battery technology make it a game changer. Once you've used it, you'll never want to be without the HighStep Lift again. Invest in the future of height access technology and experience efficiency and safety in a new dimension.