HighStep MOBILE anchor point

Optimized material and personal security that can save lives

Portable anchor point according to EN 795 for rescue operations or as material/personal security.

The mobile anchor point can be attached to the HighStep rail in almost any position. Areas of application such as rescuing an injured person, material or personal security can be optimized.

The mobile anchor point can also be helpful when assembling the HighStep rail and can be integrated as an anchor point for the cable pull when the rail is in place.

Mobile anchor point

Mobile anchor point function

At high altitudes, every second counts in emergency situations. With the mobile anchor point From HighStep Systems you can quickly attach an anchor point above the person to be rescued, which can then be used directly to relieve the load. This means that both the rescuer and the person being rescued can save a lot of valuable energy. With just one click, the anchor point sits at the desired height.

Fall protection
Fall protection

Technical data

Dimensions (W x HXT)



about 1070g

permissible ambient temperatures

-35 °C to +60 °C At temperatures < 0 °C, the mobile anchor point must be dry.

permissible humidity

0 to 100%

maximum wind speed

20 m / s

Operating times

up to 24 hours a day


unlimited (with regular maintenance, proper storage and no falls)

Certified by TÜV Süd

Our commitment to producing high-quality fall arrest systems is confirmed by extensive certificates. 

We want you to have complete confidence in our products, which is why we offer you the opportunity to download our certificates. This way you can personally convince yourself of the quality and safety of our fall protection solutions.


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Frequently asked Questions

Your questions, our answers about HighStep Systems Mobile anchor point.

The mobile anchor point from HighStep Systems is an optional and additional anchor point that can be attached anywhere on the fall arrest rail. This means that material or personal security can be implemented quickly and easily.

The mobile anchor point from HighStep Systems can be attached by the user anywhere on the HighStep rail system.

The anchor point is approved for the maximum load of two people (in the event of a rescue).

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