The system carrier with maintenance-free rail: easy to install, durable and extremely resilient.

Our revolutionary solution combines the safety of fall arrest systems with the efficiency of industrial elevators.

Our revolutionary solution combines the safety of fall arrest systems with the efficiency of industrial elevators.

Our aluminum rail provides the sturdy foundation, while our HighStep Easy and HighStep Lift devices ensure effortless access and maximum time savings.

Regardless of whether it is electricity pylons, wind turbines, transmission towers or industrial plants – our system overcomes every challenge and can be used by every specialist without any problems.


THE highstep rail

The system carrier

The standardized aluminum rail forms the basis of the system. It is easy to install and is fixed to the structure.

Maintenance-free rail

Due to its design and classification as part of a machine, the HighStep rail remains maintenance-free throughout its entire service life. The anodized surface provides additional protection from harsh environmental conditions.

High strength

The rail is very strong and only needs to be connected to the structure every three meters on average. This offers the user new options and maximum flexibility in the realization of their projects.

Flexible and easy assembly

The HighStep rail is extremely easy to assemble and can be used regardless of the nature or shape of the building. The rail is bendable and can be adapted to the shape of a structure on site. This significantly reduces the preparatory work associated with assembly compared to conventional climbing systems.

Technical data



Corrosion Protection

Anodized and offshore coating

Length of rail segment (standard)

6 meters


3.4 kg per m


5 t per rail segment

Minimum bend radius

15 m

Applied standards

EC Directive 2006/42/EC

Special advantages

Maintenance-free over the service life

Certified by TÜV Süd

Our commitment to producing high-quality fall arrest systems is confirmed by extensive certificates. 

We want you to have complete confidence in our products, which is why we offer you the opportunity to download our certificates. This way you can personally convince yourself of the quality and safety of our fall protection solutions.


Revolutionary projects: Find out more about the groundbreaking applications and impressive projects in which our fall arrest systems brand plays a central role.

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With our comprehensive checklist you have the opportunity to check and optimize the security standards in your company. Identify potential danger areas, find individual measures to minimize risks and implement proven best practices.

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Frequently asked Questions

Your questions, our answers to the HighStep Systems rail. 

The rail is the stationary basis and system support of the climbing system from HighStep Systems. It is compatible with the portable climbing devices from HighStep Systems.

The rail as a system carrier is compatible with every climbing device from HighStep Systems.

Due to special design features and the applied standard (machinery directive), the HighStep rail is maintenance-free over its entire service life.

The rail is made of aluminum and is anodized as standard. Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and creates a very hard and scratch-resistant surface of the rail. For increased requirements, an offshore coating can also be selected.

The rail is developed exclusively for HighStep Systems products. Products from third-party systems are not compatible with the rail from HighStep Systems.

Investing in misuse protection is not necessary. If the portable climbing devices are removed, it is impossible for unauthorized persons to climb onto the rail.

No. The rail can be used for all climbing devices from HighStep Systems. It does not require individual adjustments for individual climbing devices.

Comparison: Fixed ladders vs. HighStepSystems – The superiority of the complete solution

Working at heights requires not only skill but, above all, the right safety equipment. In this article we take a close look at conventional fixed ladders and compare them with the innovative HighStep system. Which offers better fall protection and why is HighStepSystems the superior choice?

Fixed ladder with back protection: individual protection vs. all-round safety

Fixed ladders with back protection are a common choice for vertical ascent. But in direct comparison to the comprehensive security solution from HighStepSystems, a crucial element is missing here: holistic protection. Back protection alone may not be enough to effectively minimize the risk of a fall.

Fall protection rail and system carrier: Additional safety in the package

Conventional fixed ladders usually do not offer integrated fall protection rails or system supports. HighStepSystems, on the other hand, combines these elements into a well-thought-out complete solution. Fall protection rails and system supports act as additional protective layers that significantly increase the level of safety and meet the requirements of modern occupational safety.

Fixed ladder and fall protection rail: flexibility and safety combined

Fixed ladders are often tailored to specific situations. In comparison, HighStepSystems not only provides the security you need, but also the flexibility to adapt to different work environments. A stationary ladder alone could reach its limits in dynamic work areas.

HighStepSystems: The ideal solution

The HighStepSystem surpasses conventional fixed ladders through its complete integration of fixed ladders with back protection, fall protection rails, system carriers, stationary ladders and fall protection rails. It presents itself as a comprehensive solution for the requirements of modern fall protection. The high-quality workmanship and versatility make it the preferred choice for companies that value security and flexibility.

Conclusion: HighStepSystems sets new standards

In a direct comparison between conventional fixed ladders and HighStepSystems, it becomes clear that the latter is the better choice for comprehensive fall protection. Invest in the safety of your employees and rely on HighStepSystems – the advanced solution for a safe working environment at heights.

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