TÜV certification HighStep Lift 3.0

HighStep Lift 3.0 certification together with TÜV Süd.

The new HighStep Lift is more compact and more powerful. The new battery has a capacity of up to 3000 meters. The latest safety standards have been integrated and the independent and moving fall protection runner adapts optimally to the driving speed.

As with an e-bike, the battery can be easily changed and charged. Automatic charging when driving downhill was also not dispensed with. The option to control the lift with a remote control enables material transport of up to 150 kg.


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HighStep system used in deep-freeze warehouses

In the demanding cold storage environment, safety and efficiency are paramount when working at heights. HighStep Systems AG, a leading provider of innovative climbing systems, provides the HighStep Lift, a solution specially developed for extreme conditions that not only improves safety, but also significantly increases work productivity.

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